Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fish Selfie

As I was cleaning out some of my memory cards and viewing footage and pictures before deleting them. (I have quite a few memory cards for my cameras.) I came across a video that is short and sweet. I was attempting to take a selfie, but I clearly did not change the settings on my camera and I took this video. =)


  1. Replies
    1. It sure was. I laughed when I watched it. I didn't remember it.

  2. was good until you start the video.

  3. Ha I too have done similar things. Taking a video when I meant to take a picture. One particular time I never stopped the video and it ran for an hour or so and wiped out my battery, I was pissed because I wanted to take some gorgeous scenery pictures later.

    1. Oh, man! That really had to be disappointing! I haven't run into that situation, yet. I usually have a plethora of batteries in a zip lock bag in my pack. Although, I am only using a point and shoot, and my GoPro. Don't own a DSLR, yet.