Friday, February 28, 2014

I just want to fish.

Okay, winter....enough already! I've lost count of all of the subzero days we've had. I know it's well into the double digits, and I don't care to Google it up.

I don't even need Spring or Summer at this point, 30 degree weather would suffice. Just enough to get out on a river without having to worry about dodging icebergs. I just want to breath in some fresh morning air without my nostrils freezing shut or looking like Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber, while out ENJOYING the outdoors. There is no enjoyment in single digit weather, unless you're an ice fishermen or a polar bear.

Anyone have any big fishing trips planned? I'd love to hear about 'em!

I am still trying to figure out where I will be wetting a line. My fishing goals this year are to fish/explore new water/places.

In April I will be spending 3 days in Fort Myers, Florida. I'll be able to fish part of the time, and I hope to hook up with some salty fish...tarpon, redfish, grouper, sharks...pretty much whatever the hell wants my fly in it face.

Then I'll be in Orlando for 7 days, and I'll be able to fish a limited amout, but I have day dreams of catching bass bigger than 5lbs.

And of course, I have to make a Fall trip to a magical place, Musky Country. This is the year I slay the King of the North.

I'll end this with a thank you, to Mike over at Troutrageous! for showing some love to my blog. If you haven't checked out his blog, you should.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014's a secret!!

It's rumored that 80% of the Great Lakes are covered with ice (Heard that from a guy, who heard it from another guy, that knows a guy). So, when Dave from Urban Assault Fly Fishing invite me out to a portion of the 20% that wasn't, I just couldn't say no.

The location was extremely hard to find, and that's all I will say about that. Gotta keep it secret, right!

Can't get enough of that scenery!
When we arrived, there were 2 other fly fishermen out there. Turns out we knew 'em! There was probably a secret to the fishing, too, because, I couldn't hook a thing. I was the only one that didn't accidentally foul hook a smelly gizzard shad...lucky or would have been nice to feel something on the hook end of my line....even if it was stinky.

Can you smell 'em?
None the less, it was just great being out, and shaking the rust and ice off of my cast.

Nature = Amazing

If there something that bonds all of us fly fishermen/women, besides fly fishing, I'd say it would be an appreciation for the outdoors, and wildlife...nature.

Nature - It truly never ceases to amaze me. I am always stumbling across new and interesting information when I'm not outdoors, and then when I am, I always see something new and interesting. My eyes and ears are constantly wandering when I'm out on a river or lake. I'm not searching for anything in particular, more so, for the appreciation of where I am and what's around me at that given moment. You never know what you're going to see or hear.

Check out this video I found in my news feed on FaceBook. It's about how the reintroduced wolves are changing Yellowstone National Park. Who would have thought a pack of wolves would have such an affect on so many different things. (I'm sure Wildlife Biologist expected results like this, hence, why they reintroduced them to Yellowstone.)

Thanks, for reading my babble!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

I've been keeping myself very busy this winter.

The weather is on the up, and I cannot wait until I see some open water.

Hope everyone enjoys their Valentines day, and hope you all remembered to get your significant other a gift. (That is, if you do Valentines Day.) ...myself...always forget, but don't really recognize it. (Fake day). Do yourself a favor, and watch this video. Hilarious! Valentines Day with CVS

I will be paying a visit to CVS when I leave the office today. Ha!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter Sucks

This winter definitely sucks.
The snow keeps falling.
It gets colder and colder.
My cabin fever rises
I am beginning to lose patients.
That groundhog better see it's shadow.

I've been tying some small stuff lately. Any advise is appreciated.

Bead head brassie size 14
Steelhead Blue Prince Nymph Size 14
Olive Prince Nymph size 14
A bunch of size 10 green grublins.

Size 22 zebra midge.