Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Yesterday, I decided to give my fly rod a go at the early morning bass. Lately, I've been seeing quite a bit of surface activity, so, I tied on a small popper. I immediately caught fire, because, the fish were all over it. Small bass, big bass, and huge bluegill! They were exploding out of the water trying to hit the popper. It was like I was watching an episode of Shark week with the seal island great white sharks. What a blast!

I was in need of bigger bass, so, I tied on a black zonker and started my search before it was time to leave. I caught my personal best largemouth bass for the year. Great fight!

Later on, I was able to get out for a second time, and I decided to tie on an even bigger popper. Hoping that they were still in a top water mood. To my surprise I hooked up with some really big bluegill. I couldn't believe that they were able to take the popper I had tied on. I ended the day with a complete total of 20 bass, and 10 big bluegill caught. Not bad :)

This morning I gave the fly rod another go at 5am. Hooked up with 2 bass, and 1 that trumps the bass I caught yesterday as my personal best on the year. I love this lake!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Biggest Baddest Bluegill

This past Sunday I fished at Blackwell Forest Preserve, and man, was it a beautiful day! The bass weren't biting, so, I switched to some smaller flies chased some bluegill. I tied on a chironomid with a blue bead, orange thread, and black wire wrap that I had tied. The bluegill were all over that sucker. I just dragged it in, and roll casted it back out (whenever I didn't have a fish on). After catching a few of the average normal sized ones, I hook into what I thought was a bass. This thing was a champ! It put a really nice bend in my 5 wt, and tried to make multiple runs. I have never fought a bluegill like that before. Turned out to be a beast! Hands down the biggest baddest bluegill I have ever caught.

The Champ!

While bass fishing earlier I had a few bass following my fly, and a decent sized pike came out of no where and chased them off. My guess was 30+ inches and beefy. (Nice sized for the area IMO). It was the other highlight of my outing.

Came across this party of tent caterpillars (Googled it. I could be wrong. So, feel free to correct me.) on a really low branch on a tree. Very interesting to see. Apparently, they will all turn into moths by July.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Indoor Water Park and Devils Lake

Used two vacation days this past Thursday and Friday to have myself a much needed 4 day weekend. The GF and I went up to Wisconsin to relax and unwind. We stayed at the Kalahari and did the whole indoor water and theme park stuff...who doesn't like water slides or a hot tub in their hotel room.

I was able to renew my Wisconsin fishing license for the year. I was also able to wet a line in the Wisconsin River for an hour....with no luck. I seen 2 guys use nightcrawlers hook up with some very nice smallies, though. (I was very jealous.)

The end of the trip was spent at the beautiful Devils Lake State Park. The fishing here for me is a love/hate sort of deal. I absolutely love fishing here, because, it's so scenic and beautiful. The water is crystal clear, and I have seen some monster bass and pike swimming around. I also, hate fishing here, because, I have the worst luck, and usually leave with a skunk. The only time I've had a success here was when I was a live bait fisherman. I have only caught 4 bass, and missed one pike here using artificial lures. Oh, well....better luck next time right?

AM and PM fishing

(This was from last week)
Started leaving the house 30 minutes early, so, I can fish the lake at work for 30 minutes before the gym opens up at 5 AM. It was dark, so, I decided to toss a spinner bait with my baitcaster. I was extremely happy when I found some breakfast bass :)
After work I met up with a friend at another lake. I tossed some flies while he friend chucked huge musky lures with no luck. I on the other hand was only able to catch a handful of bluegill. Fun and beautiful day, none the less.
Played around with my GoPro camera, and iPad, again. Check it out.

Don't mind some of the sound effects. I was just playing with some things in the editing program. Need to get my hands a better program. For now my iPad will have to suffice.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

F3T - Wilmette, Illinois

There were only a couple of films that really grasped my attention.
  1. Urban Lines
  2. Blackwater: Devils Gold
  3. Riding High: The Science of Tarpon
All of the films were great, and had some nice story lines, history, and cinematography. It's just those were the only 3 that were for me. (Remember: Everyone has different tastes)

All in all, it was an excellent night. Met some awesome people, discovered a new favorite beer (Three Floyds Brewing - Alpha King...Delicious!) and I even walked out of the theater a winner of one of the giveaways. Can't beat free stuff!!!

I won a TU hat, Heart of the Driftless DVD, some stickers, and an Orvis Gale Force Sling Pack. How awesome is that. Now all I need is the regular sling pack, and I will own all of them. Haha

I love me some free stuff...especially if it's fishing related.

I am already looking forward to next years F3T!!