Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hooks Galore!

I have been very busy at the vise this winter. Here's a bunch of pictures of some of the flies I have been tying.

About 188 B10S's Gamakatsu hooks just waiting for beautification. (I have since used 10 of these hooks.)

Some variations of bait fish I've been tying using...
-Craft fur
-Shimmer Minnow flash
-Grizzly hackle feathers (some patterns)
-Polar Chenille
-Zonker strips
-Laser Dubbing

Rusty Toad



Any interest in purchasing some some of these flies, please feel free to contact me! ---Click Here---

Monday, January 20, 2014

Chi-Tie -- January

FINALLY, I was able to make it downtown Chicago to Galaway Bay (A dive bar), to tie flies, and share a beer or two with some fellow Chicago area fly fishermen at a monthly event deemed CHI-TIE.

On this Monday night of Chi-Tie, Tim of Critical Angling, was demonstrating how to tie a "Scooby Snack" with Orvis Chicago provided us with materials needed to tie this pattern. Tim, was extremely helpful, and provided excellent step-by-step instruction of this pattern. I look forward to fishing this pattern for bass, and possibly carp when winter leaves.

Material list...(If I can remember correctly. I know I am forgetting something....)
1. Hook (I forgot...haha)
2. Dumbbell Eyes
3. Crystal Flash
4. Zonker Strip
5. Barred Marabou
6. Rubber Legs
7. Elk Hair

Fur, feathers, hooks, and beer!
Finished product. Everyone trimmed their Elk Hair differently. This was mine.

Here's a fly I tied after the demonstration for, Dave at Urban Assault Fly Fishing.

A very dapper bass killer.

It was a fun night full of laughs and great conversation. Looking forward to the next one!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just the beginning...

Over the Summer, I learned that one of the guys at my place of employment just started fly fishing. So, whenever we see each other in the halls (Which is like 2 times a day) we talk about fly fishing...well I talk, and he listens and asks questions.

Well, my enthusiasm and love for the sport of fly fishing and fly tying has rubbed off on him, and over Christmas he purchased his first vise. Got himself a Peak Rotary vise, same as me. I recommend some YouTube videos and even showed him a few things one day.

Just last week he returned a small LL Bean box that I had given him filled with a few flies that I tied. My eyes popped when I opened the box. He had tied some beautiful damsels, and mating damsels (Referred to some as "The Double D"). I was thorouly impressed and told him, but he played it off like it was a simple tie. Sure there are simple ties, but you still have to make them look good, and these looked outstanding!

Share your passions!

I will be sharing all feedback/compliments about his flies with him.
It's safe to say - this is only the beginning of his fly fishing addiction.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Simms Rogue Fleece Hoodie

I've been rockin' the Simms Rogue Fleece Hoodie since September, and I absolutely love it. I'm not a fan of big bulky jackets, so, this fit the bill. I could have easily went with the XL, but I opted for the XXL, because, I like my layers. (It's a Midwest thing). I have an Under Armour fleece jacket that I like to wear as a base, and it fits perfectly under the hoodie. The two of those combined have stood up to the subzero temps that we have been experiencing here in the Chicagoland area this winter.

When the temps are up to the 30's, the hoodie is all I need. It has repelled water fairly well, for being a hoodie. I love that is has 2 chest pockets, and a slot for headphones. I am also, a big fan of the camo pattern by Simms.

Geez! I didn't realize I had such a love fest with this hoodie, until I wrote this.

Fact - I do love this hoodie! :)

If you like hoodies, and don't mind putting up $80 bucks for one, I say, go for it!

Note: I might have been lucky to find it for the price I did, because, after a quick search I only see it listed for $90+  ....still worth it IMO.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thinking about Carp

Carp on the fly ...

A goal that did not receive a check mark in 2013. Although, I only fished for them when I seen them. This year will be different. I am going to make an effort to go out with blinders, and target these big bottom feeding fish. Dave at Urban Assault Fly Fishing hooked it up with some proven carp flies. I am looking forward to getting out on the water to fish for these behemoths of the lakes and rivers around the Chicagoland area with Dave, and Nick at Brookfield Angler.

Some proven Urban Assault Fly Fishing carp flies tied by Dave. (Photo: Dave)

Being the fly tier that I am, I had to try and tie some of my own carp flies. With some advice from Dave on hook size and stuff. Here is what I came up with. These are tied on a size 6 E601 hook, and large barbell eyes from Allen Fly Fishing.
I think these will do.

Very happy with these flies.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Musky Show

Show season begins here in Chicagoland...
First up was the Chicago Musky Show, at Harper College in Palatine, IL.

I've gone to this show the past 3 years, and the it is clear that they have lost some vendors. Cortland was the only booth there this year that had fly fishing stuff, but only for showcase. I really just attend this show to see all of the beautifully handcrafted lures, ice cream, and to hang out with my friends that enjoy chucking 2x4s for musky.

Highlights of the show (for me)...

1. There were these handcrafted beautiful wood boats there, that I did dare to ask how much one would cost. One thing that really stood out was the bada$$ hood ornament....which was a musky.

2. The ice cream is always a highlight of this show. Unfortunately, the vendor does not have a store, and only does fairs, fests, and craft show.

3. Snakes! I am not a fan of snakes, but I was feeling saucy and decided that I wanted to hold one. A custom rod builder had some live snakes at his booth as a way to draw people in, to see the rods he builds. He incorporates snake skin into some of his builds for some extra fanciness.

Next show is the Chicagoland outdoor show...which is our big show, and I am very much looking forward to this one.

Another shot.
Fish-Dank with the Yum Yum Ice Cream lady. Such nice people and outstanding ice cream!
Not a huge fan of snakes. I believe this is the first snake I've ever held.
7" musky tubes I bought for a friend.