Monday, October 26, 2015

Local Exploring

Took my girl Daisy out to a local forest preserve for a change of scenery, and to do some exploring.  I've been to this forest preserve before, but never bothered to explore past the decent sized lake near the parking lot.

While on our walk Daisy found a trail that led to a creek that I fish often, but further west, and to my surprise it looked fantastic and fishy!  I was always under the impression that it was skinny super shallow, and covered by dense forest in this area...Goes to show you should never assume anything.

Daisy and I doing some recon.
There was tons of shore access, and a beaten trail along the bank, which tells me that I'm not the only person that knows about it.  There was quite a few riffles, and boulders/rocks in the water, which to me, screams smallmouth.  There was also quite a few fallen trees into the creek, even more cover for smallies, and possibly some hammer handle pike.

Looks fishy, right?
Can't wait to bring Daisy out here to explore this trail some more before winter is here.  She enjoys this 60 degree Fall weather, and so do I.  Not too hot, and not too cold...just right.
Daisy taking in all of the new scents.
I'm also going to try and return to this spot with either my 5 wt or my ultra light spinning rod to see if I can stir anything up.  There's rain in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, so, I'm hoping it doesn't blow the creek out, too much.

Daisy taking in some fresh Fall air.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


My Bass Pro Shop White River waders I've had for the past 3/4 years have begun to fall apart this summer.  Last year a small leak started in the neoprene boot on my right foot.  I know there was no fixing that, and it really didn't bother me much.

Well, this summer the leak became worse, and then another leak started somewhere on my right leg started....and before I can find and fix that one I stared leaking in the left leg, and above my wading belt near my pockets.

For the past 2.5 months I've still been using them, but at the end of the day, I'm pretty much wet from the belly down.  I wasn't soaked, and it doesn't get that way immediately, so, it was still tolerable.

With winter looming, and some plans (hopes) to get out there and do some cold water/weather fishing, I think it might be time to retire those leaky waders.  That leaves me with the dilemma of choosing a new pair.  There are so many out there with different prices, construction, and negatives.  I just don't know which way to go.  I've done a ton of reading and research on review, and even picked a few of my friends brains about the ones they own.

Here is what it's been narrowed down to....

I'm leaning toward the Orvis Encounter waders, because, there are 2 Orvis stores in my area, and in the event that I don't like them I won't have to go far, but one of the bad things I have found about them is they have poor boot construction on their seams.

What waders are you all using?  (Maybe there's a pair I failed to look at or consider.)

Pros - Cons of those waders?

Does anyone have any experience dealing with Orvis Customer Service for their waders??

In advance - Thank you, to all who provide me with their insight!

****Note - I have tried LL BEAN waders in the past, and they just don't fit me right, and I am well aware of their no questions asked return policy.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Float The Fox

Floated the Fox River with my homie UA-Dave (Urban Assault Fly Fishing) and his canoe, in search of anything that would bite.  While driving in the morning my car thermometer was saying it was 32 degrees outside, and it felt every bit of it.  I knew the catching was going to be tough.  Dave ended the day with 1 smallie caught in a great section of water that would more than likely produce a fish every cast, and I finished with 2.

It was a fun float on an unfamiliar section of the river, we both caught fish, and we found a great bar with awesome food and drink to end the day.

Here's a short video of the outing.

+Howard Levett  - I came across something in the middle of the river that you would enjoy seeing.

Friday, October 16, 2015

a Tight Loop Fall Edition (I contributed)

The Fall Edition of a Tight Loop Magazine is out, and yours truly has a little article in there about the Des Plains River and the Northern Pike I love to fish for.  I also have a fly tying video in the magazine, as well.  

My buddy UA Dave (Urban Assault Fly Fishing) has a great pictorial in there from his most recent trip to the boundary waters.

One of my favorite articles is "Ball O' Crap" by Matt Jennings

Check it out!!

---->CLICK HERE<----

Let me know what you all think!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fish Da Kish

     My homie DanK asked if I wanted to fish, and I said, yes.

He asked where, and I said, I'm down for where ever.

DanK said, the Kishwaukee, it is!

He fished the "Kish" for the first time a weekend prior, and the smallies and pike kept him busy, so, he was eager to return.  I, on the other hand, was simply excited to see some new waters.

Having done a bit of homework...I asked my buddy Kurt from "a Tight Loop" magazine about some intel on the river, and he gave me a quick run down of what to expect, and he mentioned 1 fly - a yellow and white clouser, tossed on a 5 wt.

Armed with my 5 wt, a freshly tied yellow/white clouser minnow, and my ultra light spinning rod, with a 1/16 jig and a white twisty tail grub, I was ready for the Kish.

The start of a great day.

Check out that water clarity!!!
The water was low and crystal clear.  The day was started slow.  There were quite a few places that we had to get out of our kayaks and drag them, because, the water was so low.  In the areas the water was not low, you can betcha we caught some fish!!!!

The smallmouth just could not resist the freshly tied yellow/white clouser or the white jig that I tossed with my spinning rod.  It was one of those days where you just couldn't wipe the smile of joy and excitement off of your face.  Thanks, for the tip, KURT!!!

Tons of fun!

One of the bigger ones you'll find in this river.
I just love floating the rivers in Fall.  The change in colors just makes everything so scenic and beautiful.  With the arrival of off the Fall season, there were a ton of leaves on the water, so, between the two of us, we caught well over a hundred leaf fish.  High Five!
Fall on the Kishwaukee River.
I wasn't the only one to hook up with some fishy friends.  DanK found his fair share of smallies with a small jerk bait, and skirted jig.  He caught the biggest smallie of the day on a jig, while I was fighting a 30 lb carp that was foul hooked with my 5 wt.  The carp shook free after a 4 minute fight and sleigh ride.  DanK was also able to find and hook up with 3 pike, and one even stole a hook from his lure, and he didn't even know.  He had a pike hit his jerk bait 15 times without a hook up, and that's when I noticed he was missing one of the hooks from his lure. Ha.

Biggest Northern Musky of the day.
Biggest smalljaw of the day.
Solid fish.  He's been after this one for years!
Oh, I also, caught a chunky little largemouth bass.  Check out those colors!

Love those predominant markings.
It was a solid day of fishing, especially, on new water, and always a pleasure fishing with my boy DanK.  Smallmouth bass galore and 40 minutes from the house, it's a no brainer...I'll be back (Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator voice). 

Thanks, to SkiFish, for showing DanK the Kish, and to DanK, for passing the knowledge.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Channeling my inner Bill Dance

Have you ever made the mistake of going to cast, and forgetting to open the bail on your spinning rod???  I've done this often, but never once has it happened to me this bad.

Turn up the volume, and you'll hear me laugh at myself.  It's something I do often, because, I'm hilarious. Ha  What you can't see in the video is the slope that the rocks are on, that's why my rod and reel rolled into the lake.  I laugh every time I watch it.  Watch my hands, you can tell that I am helpless and there was nothing left for me to do but watch, and laugh.

Oh, and if the video from my last post didn't work for you, check it out here.