Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Chum an area of a lake with corn, put a few kernels on a hook,  and wait. Growing up, that's how I was taught to catch these lake behemoths. It's probably been a good 20 years since I've actually targeted a carp, until now.

One of my goals this upcoming fishing season here in the Chicagoland area is to hook up with some carp on the fly. I have read, and talked with people about how much fun it is. Fly fishing has rejoiced my childhood love of catching bluegill, and I can only imagine what hooking into a 10+ pound carp will do.

Stumbled upon this online magazine today, and it has only fueled my fire to catch a carp on the fly. Unfortunately, that fire I am experiencing does not melt away the snow and/or ice that we have here. So, I will just have to wait....

Please feel free to share any tips you might have!

One thing that I do know is, that I will be tying and trying out this pattern I heard about from a blog you should check out. BrookfieldAngler - The Backstabber

Here is the digital magazine - CarpPro

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Driftless Area of Wisconsin

This past September, I took a day trip to the Driftless Area that is southwest Wisconsin to do some trout fishing. The weather was looking ugly all the way up there, but once I reached my destination the rain stopped, the wind calmed down, and the sun came out. I couldn't have asked for better weather. 

I've always read, and heard about how spooked the trout get, but you don't really have an idea until you see them scatter with your own eyes, while you're still 10-20+ feet away from the edge of the stream/creek. 

I caught rainbow trout 2 months before this trip, but this time I was after brown and brook trout. I managed to catch my first brown. I caught a total of 3 brown trout for the day. They were all caught using a grasshopper. I also lost a total of 11 browns, and 3 of them were big! One of them I almost had in the net before he kindly unhooked himself. It was one of those look to the sky and yell "no!" moments, like in the movies, but I kept my cool, and opted for a quick "MF" bomb. :D 

Another cool part of my trip was, I got to see a wild barred owl fly. I think it caught something because it was on the ground. I got to see him take off into the trees. Pretty damn cool! 

If you haven't been to the Driftless Area, I highly recommend it! I plan on making more than one trip there next year. It's a beautiful place with excellent fishing opportunities

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My First Trout

I started fly fishing about 4 years ago. Living here in the Chicago suburbs, I primarily fish for bass. It wasn't until this past summer that I hooked into my first trout. 

For the past 4 years I've been doing a 4 day - 40 mile canoe float trip on the Current River in Southern Missouri. The river is full of small mouth bass, rainbow trout, brown trout, pickerel, needle nose gar, carp, etc. The first 3 years of the trip I was focused on enjoying the beautiful float, camping, and fishing for smallies. (The smallie fishing is amazing here!)

This past July (2012) I decided that it was time, that I finally catch a trout. I mean I am fly fisherman, and trout is usually the fish of choice for most.

I started off using flies I've never used before...such as prince nymphs, hares ears, and elk hair caddis. I probably wasn't using the proper technique with these flies, but I'm sure with practice, and time I will get better. I wasn't attracting anything, and probably scaring all of the fish away with the horror that was me trying to fish these flies. 

So, after playing around with those flies, I decided to go to my old faithful...a wooly bugger. I tied on a white wooly bugger, and the fish started hitting. Large mouth, small mouth, and I finally caught my first rainbow trout! It was very exciting. At first I didn't know what I had hooked in to, as it got closer, I saw that it was a trout. I immediately jumped out of the canoe and landed it. As I held it in my had, I admired the beauty of it's color and markings. They really are beautiful fish.

I ended up catching 3 rainbow's the entire trip, and I also, think I caught a little case of trout fever. (Another blog to follow - The Driftless Area of Wisconsin)

Orvis kindly reposted this picture on their page. Pretty cool of them!

All fish were caught, and happily released. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fly Fishing Film Tour aka F3T

So, very excited! I got my tickets to the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) yesterday in the mail. I wasn't able to go last year, but I did go the first year. I just want to say thank you to Robert Thompson of Third Year Fly Fisher for making this happen here in Chicago.

If you aren't familiar with Robert Thomas and his blog Third Year Fly Fisher, I suggest you familiarize yourself with him, and his work. He has done some great fly fishing films, and one of my favorites - Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Clear Cure Goo

I recently jumped aboard the Clear Cure Goo drift boat. I ordered the starter kit, 2 packs of eyes, and 2 stickers.  I was excited when I saw my package had arrived, and even more excited to find out they added a few more stickers (I like stickers..I mean who doesn’t!), and CCG has some really awesome stickers! The Steve Zissou sticker is funny,  Pat Cohen’s Wolf Fish is my favorite sticker from the bunch.

Warning: Looking deep into CCG eyes may cause you to fall in love with them, and cause you to completely forget about the eyes you used to use.

That is the disclaimer that should be on every label of the CCG eyes, because, it holds true. I completely forgot about the eyes I used to use. In fact, I completely forgot what brand they were, too.

As for the “Goo” itself, it is a very cool and interesting product. It’s definitely not like any glue/epoxy I have ever used, because, it’s “goo.” Seriously, who has fun applying glue/epoxy to flies? CCG has made finishing my flies fun. Apply the goo, and then hit it with the special UV flashlight, and bam....the fly is finished. There is no waiting around for it to dry. Pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

The Goo Is The Poo!

Here is an illusion of a baitfish I tied, modeled by the Kris Angel Magic box set.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day Dreaming

During the winter, I often day dream about fishing. This leads me to doodling when I should be working.