Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sitting Duck

Sunday, September 22, 2013.

I decided to make one last trip out to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin before the season closes for the year. I was pretty excitded for this trip, because, I was going to explore some new water that someone gave me details about.

So, I was cruising along driving the speed limit of 65 MPH on I-90 (...and yes I really was doing the speed limit! When you're out driving at 3:30 AM and there isn't a lot of traffic, you're easy target for the state troopers.) I was just North of the border and crossing over the Rock River bridge. As I was going over the bridge 2 deer came out of no where and I hit one of them. I lost control of my car, spun out, and my car came to a complete stop...sideways in the middle of the 2 lane interstate. (My Toyota Matrix was in both west bound lanes, with the front of my vehicle facing on-coming traffic just a bit.) I immediately turned on my hazard and bright lights, put the car in neutral, and got out to push it off of the interstate. I moved it an inch before I saw headlights. I got back in my vehicle flashed my brights on and off, and tapped my brake lights, in hopes the driver would see me. They and slowed down to go around me. I got out of the car as they were avoiding me and tried to hail them for help, but they sped off.

Then I started to push my car, again. I was only able to move it a foot before I saw the next set of headlights coming my way. Again, I got back into my vehicle and flashed my lights, but unfortunately, this car did not see me, and took out the front left fender of my car, and turned me perpendicular to the center line. I was just about to get out and start to push, again, but noticed another set of headlights coming at me, so, I stayed in the car, and prayed that this person would see me.

Unfortunately, the second vehicle did not see me until it was, too, late. The mini van smashed into the right rear fender with a solid hit. After my car did a 180 degree turn, I got out, again, and successfully pushed my car onto the shoulder, and out of harms way. (It was like a bad carnival ride.)

I grabbed my big mag flashlight from my backseat and called 911 as I made the 1/4 mile walk to the other vehicles. THANK GOD! - No one was hurt or injured. The axel on the mini van was broken, and the van was resting on the tire in the right lane of the interstate. The other vehicle was on the shoulder, and had damage all along the left side.

Thankfully, I brought my flashlight. I stood behind the mini van and flashed it at on coming traffic to warn them to steer clear of the right lane. There were two 18 wheelers coming down the hill and the driver in the right lane did not see me in sufficient time, and when he did he was unable to switch lanes, because, the other truck was there. This guy layed on all of his brakes and was coming in HOT! I remember yelling something to warn the others, and I quickly darted off into the ditch, and almost into the forest. The big rig stopped with a huge cloud of smoke about 15-20 yards away from the van. CRAZY!

The Matrix on the flatbed. Most likely totaled.
Tips for the future:
- Road flares! - I have them in my old Chevy Blazer (That I am currently driving now), but I never thought to put them in my car. Could have possibly saved me the nightmare.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Musky on the mind

I haven't been fishing at all lately. Don't you just hate that! I know I do.

Although, I haven't been fishing. I have been able to get some vise time in at night. I'll be making a trip to the Flambeau and Chippewa Rivers in Wisconsin (North of Eu Clair) the second week in October with 2 of my friends in search of musky. So, I've been tying up some big musky flies. I forgot how much fun it is to tie such big flies, and how much easier it me anyways. Here are a few of my finished products. Any advice on these flies or materials that you would recommend or suggest would be greatly appreciated!
First of the big flies. 2/0 hook in the front, articulated shank in the middle, and a 1/0 hook in the back. Buck tail, Grizzly Hackle, CCG eyes, black EP fibers (tail section) with some flash.
What material is good to use for the tail section/body behind the bucktail? I used EP fibers, because, that's all I had. Do you think it would flow well with this fly? - I haven't fished it, yet.

Articulated shank, followed by a 2/0 hook. Buck tail, Grizzly Hackle, and then green and black EP fibers with some flash.

Brad Bohen Hangtime on a 2/0 hook. Black Green and Pink buck tail, pink grizzly hackle, purple flashabou, and some crystal flash in there.

Another shot of the Hangtime fly.

Constructive criticism, and any tips/tricks you're willing to offer are much appreciated!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Damn, that was my favorite shirt.

Gave my buddy Fat Gordo ring to see if he was free to fish, and he was. We decided to fish Poplar Creek, again. It's been awhile since I fished that creek, and I was feigning some smallmouth action. After a quick Cabela's stop for some fly tying materials I needed.
Smallie was caught under that bridge.
The water was low, and the fishing was tough. I thought that the cloud cover of the day would definitely work to our advantage, but it didn't. Oh well. I still managed 1 dink smallie, and a decent LMB.
Not only was the fishing bad, but the wade was, too. Rocks just kept sneaking up on us. First the Fat Gordo went down, and came back up okay, and no water in the waders. Then I went down not 5 minutes after that. I was rewarded a nice welt on my right shin. 

Once we decided to turn around and make our way back to my car, I went down, again! This time I was rewarded with 3 very nice gashes in my right forearm. I didn't even bother to check what it was that gave me this glorious wound, but I just have my fingers crossed that it wasn't a hunk of metal. (Unfortunately, I think it was a hunk of metal.) I was just worried about stopping the bleeding. They were some pretty deep gashes, and I had nothing with me. (I should probably carry a small first aid kit in my pack, and so should you!) In order to stop the bleeding, I had to rip one of the sleeves off of my favorite Vedavoo shirt. The Fat Gordo helped me tie it tight around my wound, and then we carried on.
Be careful out there!!!
Not the best of days.

Update: The wound is healing nicely. It sort of looks like I was attacked by a mini Wolverine from the X-men.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tube Flies

Recently, I won a contest hosted by Misfit Fly Co. and was sent a goodie bag of their misfit holo heads, and an some tube tying material.

So, far I am really digging these! Not a lot of material to tie on, and you can create a big body or small body using the discs that you can add to the tube.

Here are my first 2 attempts. I am very happy with the first attempt, except I think it could have used a smidge more material. My second attempt was the complete opposite. It could have used less.

Oh well, there's always next time! Can't wait to tie more.

1st attempt is about 5-6 inches long.

Biggest fly I have tied to date. I will most likely trim it about an inch, but we'll see.