Monday, April 27, 2015

One Last Time...

Took a ride with my Uncle and Cousin to help with the grunt work of setting up my grandparents camper.

Things on the usual agenda.
1. Get the roof/tarp over the screened in deck.

  • Not a problem for my Cousin Donny and I. The key to getting the roof/tarp over is a trick our Grandfather taught us of rolling it up, and once it's through the tracks, we can then roll it down over the rest of the roof, but the thing that made this go so quickly was my Uncle Mike utilizing the broom stick. =)
  • This was the hardest part of the day, and to think, our Grandfather used to do this by himself with the help of our Grandmother using the broomstick. Unbelievable.
Clean up all of the leaves that accumulated on the deck and stayed all Winter.
  • There was an incredible amount of leaves on the deck. We grabbed 3 brooms, and started sweeping. It was not until we were pretty much finished that we had the thought of a leaf blower. My Uncle went to check the shed, and sure enough, there was a leaf blower. There's no doubt that Papa Carf was definitely shaking his head and laughing at us.
Roll out the carpet.
  • Check.
Set up the tables, chairs, and cabinets.
  • Check.
Make sure there were not mice.
  • No rodents. The moth balls win, again!
Run the water and make sure the electric works.
  • Check.

My Grandma is going to be selling it this summer. A lot of good times and great memories were had here. It's going to be a sad day once it's sold. Until then let we're going to enjoy it with our Grandma and the rest of the family a few more times.

For those of you that do not know. My Grandfather passed away July 2014. I've had a draft post about it pended for quite some time. One of these days I'll muster up enough to finish it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lunch Time Bass

With the new job, I am able to step away from the office and down the street to a local forest preserve lake, Busse Woods. I kayak and fish this lake often. Tons of people come here to fish, kayak, jog, and bike.

Once I get there on my lunch break, what do you think I do?
A. Kayak
B. Fish
C. Jog
D. Nap
E. Skateboard

If you guessed "B" you answered correctly. If I were to nap in my car, I'd just stay in the parking lot at work and maximize my napping time. All of the other things I listed, I just don't have time for on my lunch, but you can bet I'll be doing one of those on the weekends.

Not a bad way to end the work week. Friday lunch time bass!
Caught this little guy on a KVD rattle trap. I really need to start leaving my fly rods set up, lined, and ready to go in my car. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Editions

My 2 favorite online magazines have released their Spring editions.

In this edition of a Tight Loop (aTL) you'll find some excellent reading and photography. My 2 favorite articles are "SXSW Bass," and "Solitude." You will also, find a picture that I took in the Letter from the Editor section, by yours truly.

>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<

Southern Culture on the Fly has their Spring edition out, as well. My favorites from this one were "Haiku" and "Bluelining,"
>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lake X

I met up my buddy FishDank at 9 am this past Sunday. It was cloudy, windy, warm out (to me anyway), and so damn windy. Did I mention that it was windy? Good thing I had an anchor. It's not a very good anchor, but it does the job, sort of.

I brought out 3 rods. My 10 wt fly rod (I haven't sent in my 9 wt to get fixed, yet.), my baitcaster, and my spinning rod. Eventually, I just gave up on my fly rod, because, it was just too damn windy.

My buddy FishDanK was the first to hook up, on a jig and craw trailer...and what he hooked up with was a freakin' Sherman tank! HOLY SMOKES!!!!

He caught 2 more later in the day. Around 11 am a few more guys from the fishing forum that we post on showed up. DanK knew them from some of the tournaments he's fished, but it was my first time meeting them, and they're a bunch of cool dudes. Always nice putting a face to the screen name. One of the guys Kevin was nice enough to bring a grill and some sausage and hot dogs for a quick shore lunch. How awesome is that!!! Thanks, again, if you read this!!!

I caught 2 bass on the day. Both of them came on a KVD rattle trap. The lake was about 6-8 feet deep with some nice weed beds that I ran the lure right over the top of. The 2nd bass I caught was a nice healthy one, and put my landing skills to the test. I really thought I was going to lose it boat side.

Action Shot!!

Hello and Goodbye.
The fishing is starting to heat up, and I'm getting excited!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Recent Orders

I've been keeping busy at the vise the past few weeks. With the weather warming up some of my friends are getting those fishy feelings, and realizing they need to restock their boxes.

I've been keeping busy tying up marabou and bucktail jigs. All different sizes. These are great on any body of water with a spinning rod. Here are some white ones that are sure to fool some river smallies, and possibly some Lake Michigan coho, and perch.

...and per usual. I've been tying up what I think I do best. My big bass, pike, and musky flies. As the temperature warms up, I've got a few friends that are gearing up to fish the DPR for pike once they're done with the spawn. These are proven patterns and colors that work. The one below is a favorite of mine. It's prodominantly white with a slight layer of pink underneath. Looks great in the water. Also pictured with the fly is a sticker from a local bass fishing crew in Chicago - Cast Crew - They're a real cool bunch of dude that have some really great appearal ideas. 

Check 'em out at 

Got them big bass in my sights.

I hope everyone has nice weather to get outside in this weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


We're finally have been having somewhat consistently warmer weather (40-50-60 degrees). I had planned to take the kayak out and fish a local lake in search of some hungry Spring pike and musky. I didn't get the early start I wanted, because, it was EXTREMELY windy, but eventually I got out there in the afternoon.

Good times are on the horizon.
What a great day it was to be on the water. I brought 3 of my big flies, and a few spinnerbaits for my baitcaster. There were 2 other guys I am familiar with from a fishing forum out on the lake along with me. They were tossing spinnerbaits, and hooking up with some decent sized bass.
8/0 Musky/Pike single baitfish.
I, on the other hand, did not hook up with any fish. I did, however, came very close to piercing my ear. Lucky for me, the hook missed and caught my hat. I was alternating between my fly rod and my baitcaster the whole time. Switching to my baitcaster when the wind picked up, but in this instance, I was stubborn and decided to try and cast my fly, but the wind picked up even more.

It's instances like that, that remind me not to press my luck, and I hope you all remember that, too! Be careful out there!

If it were to have pierced my ear, I would have had to tie up a duplicate for the other ear.
I also, forgot my waders, and didn't have a pair of sandals with me, either. My feet were frozen. Haha Gotta love the early season struggles. =)

Happy Days!
Oh, how I've missed writing, and reading blogs. I've been busy, but I am looking forward to catching up on all that I've missed!!! I've got some time set aside for that tomorrow.