Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Got 'em

The rabbit was playing it smart and avoiding the box trap ever since it worked the first time. Who would have thought that would have worked to begin with. Hahaha

I brought 2 of my trout/kayak fishing nets. I wasn't able to join the guys in the lower level to attempt to capture the trapped rabbit, but I was able to watch from above, and help as the "eye in the sky." Unfortunately, my buddy Arik was not sneaky enough to bag this furball.

We set the box trap up again with hopes the bunny has forgotten about how it works. No luck.
That little rabbit was wise.
We tried coaxing the bunny into the area, but it would simply avoid the box. Heck it seemed it felt safer closer to one of us. Our trapping time was almost up for the day, so, I gave the nets a shot, and came up empty.

After taking down the trap and calling it a day, we were just about to walk away, and the rabbit came out of the bushes again, sort of putting itself in a corner. I quickly grabbed my nets and raced on over, and quickly tried to fool it into running into one of my nets. The rabbit quickly juked left, right, left, right. It began to look a lot like Barry Sanders with it's swift moves, but eventually I became the victor. One wrong move, and I had it.
The rabbit won some parting gifts.
The rabbit was released in a courtyard on the ground level. It's an area I walk past daily on my way to the fitness center at 5 AM. I often see bigger rabbits out eating and hopping around. Hopefully, one of those bigger rabbits is one of it's parents, and it can now teach it the ways of surviving. I just hope we didn't spoil the little bunny, too much, when it was trapped. (Thinking about it, it ate like a king - carrots and apples galore.) As the bunny left my net, it quickly started eating some of the plants in the open areas, and seemed like it was in a familiar area. Which is a good sign.
Hope to see you around little buddy.
The last thing I told the bunny was, "Don't get eaten by a hawk." ..."Keep your eyes on the skies little man." (Don't know if it was a male or female.)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Shhh, we're huntin' wabbits

So, this week I learned that there was a rabbit stuck in the lower level area of one of the buildings at work. I told the guys I would bring one of my fishing nets, so, we could try and catch it, and release it back on the ground level, so, it can be free.

Well, I kept forgetting to bring my net, and one of the other guys had the same forgetfulness issues I was experiencing.

Today one of the guys at work had a grand idea to make an old school box & stick trap. After he set it up, he placed some carrots underneath the box, and waited in the distance holding some fishing line he wrapped around the stick to act as a trigger for the box to drop. Well wouldn't you know it, the rabbit came out, started to eat the carrots, and sat under the box. Well, after he pulled the line and the box fell perfectly over the adolescent/baby rabbit, the box would not contain it, a few hops and it popped it up enough to escape before my buddy was able to get to the box. 

After learning of that story, I became excited, because, I love this sort of thing, and I'm usually the guy they call when there are animal issues, because, of my love for the outdoors. I told the guys I would get some more carrots from the cafeteria, and meet them down there in the afternoon.

When I got there, they were all set up with a heavier plastic recycling box. I placed the carrots underneath, and the 3 of us waited patiently.

After about 15 minutes the rabbit came out from the bushes, and scampered around. The rabbit was going everywhere but near the box. A wise rabbit. Eventually, our time ran out, and the rabbit is still stranded down there. We pushed all of the food under the bush for it to munch on over the weekend.

I'm bringing my net on Monday. I really want to help this little guy out, and get him back to the main level, so, he can go off and survive and thrive. He's a sitting duck down there for hawks and owls.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Found some models

I still have my friends camera, and I thought I would continue to utilize it while I can. So, I found myself some models.


These are my and my girlfriends dogs. Daisy (pitbull), and Bo (shit-poo). I hired them for cheap. A few pieces of chicken was all that was needed, and pretty much all I had to offer. I don't believe the above models would have accepted chicken as payment, but I'll never know, because, I never asked.

Frick and Frack
Bo knows serious.
Bo knows clowning for chicken.
Daisy looking like a lioness waiting for chicken.
Daisy showcasing her talents...for chicken.
Possible hat for next years Kentucky Derby.
I am going to try to get Daisy use to water, so, maybe someday she can accompany me on an outing. She goes fishing with me now, and I just tie her leash to my pants/belt, but it would be cool if she could just follow me around, but I know that takes a lot of training.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Exploring the Northwoods

So, I took a 4 day trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin with my buddy Fat Gordo. We drove around in search of any water we could find to fish. We fished some rivers, and we fished some lakes...pretty much just stopping when we saw something fishable. I'll let the pictures do the talking. It was a great trip!

The top water bite was on. The smallies were loving the fire tiger Todd's wiggle worm I was tossing.

I love these Northwoods smallies. They all fought way bigger than they were.

An underwater release shot I got of this smallie with his war paint on, all ready for battle, again.

When I'm in Wisconsin, I just cannot pass up picking up a 6 pack or 2 of some of Wisconsin's finest beer. New Glarus Brewing Co. This was my first time having Moon Man, and it did not disappoint.

Lucid Fishing Grips helping me handle the toothy pike. Check out them eyes!

I didn't take a measurement, but this pike is way bigger than my personal best 25" northern pike.

The Fat Gordo hooking up with some chunky smallface bass. 

Replacing the studs on my wading boots, and eating dinner. Turkey and Dorito's sandwich.

The nicest fish I caught all trip. What a freakin' beauty!!!!!! My face doesn't show it, but I am beyond psyched! (I've got a good poker face.) This one took a swim jig with a Stankx Bait Co. mudbugz trailer in the Gobi Wan color pattern. Killer!

Just another shot of the beauty with me holding back my excitement -  I really don't know why I wasn't smiling in those pictures, Haha. I was really pumped up, that's for sure.

Pulling over on the shoulder to cast a frog in some of the best lilly pads I've ever seen while my buddy watched. I went 1 for 2. I got too excited for the 2nd fish and set the hook well before it had it.

3 days of turkey Dorito sandwiches will make you want a whole pizza to yourself.

My favorite shot of the trip.

The smallies up there are something else. They fight they put up is second to none. I absolutely cannot wait to return up there. There's a ridiculous amount of water up there just waiting for me to explore it some more. Big thanks to the fishing gods, we were able to catch a few!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Badaxe Design

Stopped by one of my local fly shops - Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters - just to look around and kill some time. Sure enough I walked out with a few items...hooks, forceps (mine were bent out of shape), and a zinger for my Abel nippers.

I also, was surprised to see that they carried a few items from Badaxe Design. Jonathan is a real cool dude, who has some serious artistic talent. I ended up picking up the same hat I bought from him a year ago. It will serve as my back up, in case something happens to my favorite fishing hat.

I've had the first one for over a year now, and it has seen a lot of water. This hat's been through everything, and it's gotten quite a bit of character along the way.

How can you not like the patriot trout design!?!
I don't think I have to tell you which one is which.

Here are some of the outings it has helped me look good.

Small creeks of Illinois
Current River in Missouri
Driftless Area trout streams in Wisconsin
Various lakes of Illinois
Flambeau River in Wisconsin
Gulf of Mexico in Fort Meyers, Florida
Looking forward to bringing it along on many more fishing adventures.