Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Musky on the mind

I haven't been fishing at all lately. Don't you just hate that! I know I do.

Although, I haven't been fishing. I have been able to get some vise time in at night. I'll be making a trip to the Flambeau and Chippewa Rivers in Wisconsin (North of Eu Clair) the second week in October with 2 of my friends in search of musky. So, I've been tying up some big musky flies. I forgot how much fun it is to tie such big flies, and how much easier it me anyways. Here are a few of my finished products. Any advice on these flies or materials that you would recommend or suggest would be greatly appreciated!
First of the big flies. 2/0 hook in the front, articulated shank in the middle, and a 1/0 hook in the back. Buck tail, Grizzly Hackle, CCG eyes, black EP fibers (tail section) with some flash.
What material is good to use for the tail section/body behind the bucktail? I used EP fibers, because, that's all I had. Do you think it would flow well with this fly? - I haven't fished it, yet.

Articulated shank, followed by a 2/0 hook. Buck tail, Grizzly Hackle, and then green and black EP fibers with some flash.

Brad Bohen Hangtime on a 2/0 hook. Black Green and Pink buck tail, pink grizzly hackle, purple flashabou, and some crystal flash in there.

Another shot of the Hangtime fly.

Constructive criticism, and any tips/tricks you're willing to offer are much appreciated!


  1. I hope you get into some. I just got an email about helping a group tag some muskies. I might try that.

    1. Thanks! That sounds really interesting. Where are they tagging them? Wisconsin?...and what purpose?

  2. Justin
    Looking forward to your next post on landing some awesome muskies--nice streamer patterns--thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Bill! I am hoping my next post will have some toothy fish in them, too!

  3. I like a lot of flash on my musky flies. Remember, this water is tanic, not clear. I always feel that anything extra I put on my fly is a bonus. I also use larger hooks (5/0 - 6/0 usually).

    As far as a substitute for those EP fibers, give SLF flash blend or Icelandic Sheer Hair a try.

    These fish are hard to catch. Like... Some guys will go years before they catch their first one. It's rough.

    How are you going to be fishing the river? Drift boat, or kayak/canoe?

    1. Thanks for the tips, Ted!

      I got some larger hooks last week, and have been tying on Daiichi 6/0 3x hooks, and 4/0 TMC 600S hooks. Love the bigger hooks!

      I haven't tried any new material for the back sections yet. Just been using buck tail and occassionally some EP Fibers, but mostly buck tail. I have been adding even more flash and flashabou to the flies. They're looking good!

      I'll be fishing from an aluminum boat. We're just going to be drifting down river. I wish I was floating it in a drift boat. That would make it a heck of a lot easier for me, but we're not.