Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hooks Galore!

I have been very busy at the vise this winter. Here's a bunch of pictures of some of the flies I have been tying.

About 188 B10S's Gamakatsu hooks just waiting for beautification. (I have since used 10 of these hooks.)

Some variations of bait fish I've been tying using...
-Craft fur
-Shimmer Minnow flash
-Grizzly hackle feathers (some patterns)
-Polar Chenille
-Zonker strips
-Laser Dubbing

Rusty Toad



Any interest in purchasing some some of these flies, please feel free to contact me! ---Click Here---


  1. Good looking flies!I like the Chicago one quite a bit. That light blue over white was a great color combo for me last year with the smallies. Need a chartreuse version too!

    1. Thanks, Nick! I have a Firetiger pattern, but I wasn't completely happy with the first 2 that I tied. The DPR Pike will most definitely love them come fall when they're looking for slower looking baits.

  2. Look a bit on the big size for the Panfish I fish for out in Colorado. Impressive, none the less! Maybe Bass or Pike might be interested.

    1. The panfish will definitely steer clear of these 2/0 baitfish. Bass and hopefully some Pike will have these in their sites here in the Chicagoland area.

  3. Justin
    Fantastic work at the tying bench, both these patterns are worthy of either fishing,or even putting under glass. Super nice work, thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Bill!!! I am partial to the looks of the Chicago color pattern on these. It looks like a display fly for me. :) I just hope the bass love them as much as I do!