Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vise Season

With the cooler temps, and the sun going down at 6 PM. There is not much time for me to get out and fish during the week. This allows me to sit at my desk and tie an abundance of flies that will never get used. Haha. I also have a goal of using up most of the material that I already have, before I purchase some different material, so, I can tie up some new patterns. (Doubt that will happen. I've been itching to get to my local fly shop for some new material.)

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the flies that I have posted in this post or past posts, please feel free to contact me. =)

Size 2 - Rainbow Trout and Shad with CCG eyes and head.

Size 2 - Large Mouth Bass with CCG eyes and head.

Foam Slider for Pan fish. (Fly Fish Food pattern - Foam Dragon.)

Pink Eggs - Size 8

Learned this pattern at the 2013 Early Show. Unfortunately, I forgot the tiers name. I added heavier dumbbell eyes rather than the chain bead eyes. Swims with the hook point up. Wooley Bugger 2.0?

Gettin' weird! - I was really bored. Haha

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


4/0 - 6/0 hooks, grizzly hackle, buck tail - and lots of it. Musky was the focus of my thoughts the past few months, as I prepped for a 3 day trip to Flaters Resort in Holcombe, Wisconsin. The resort is located where the Chippewa and Flambeau rivers intersect. It's a small family owned/operated business with some great people. I recommend it if you're thinking about going up to the area.

Day 1 - Friday 10/11/13
We arrived early, and decided to wade and fish a dam on the Flambeau River. We were skunked. They didn't have any of the turbines open and the water was low. Should have listened to the guy who just unloaded his boat when he mentioned that the fishing would be tough for us near the dam with no turbines open.
The Fat Gordo, Fish Dank (with duck face), and myself
Shortcut! - Didn't feel like wading back up river.
After checking in, and getting dropped off with the boat only halfway in the Flambeau River, The Fat Gordo was the only person ready to fish. While Fish Dank and I set up our gear, Gordo was greeted on his first cast by a 30" musky following his buck tail spinner to the shore. Then after 10 minutes of floating Gordo gets another follow, but from a much bigger musky. It was an extremely windy day, and it did not help my mediocre casting abilities (I am the only fly fisherman. My other 2 friends were tossing big lures.) The day ended with myself and Gordo landing 2 smallies. The wind proved to be too much for me toward the end of the float. My fly came in contact with my rod 1 too many times while casting, and I broke off the tip section of my rod. (Possibly the fly hitting it. Thank goodness for that Redington warranty)

Love me some smallies
The Fat Gordo with a fat Wisco smallie.
On the hunt..
The one that got away.....in my dreams. I just love it up there!
Day 2 - Saturday 10/12/13
Floated the Chippewa River for about 9 hours. Fish Dank was the only person to land any fish - 2 northern pike and 1 smallie. No fly fishing for me, but luckily I did bring my bait caster and a small lure box. We saw tons of adult and juvenile bald eagles. We also got to see 3 deer cross the river in a rather deep stretch - pretty cool! The wind had us behind in schedule, and we floated down river in the dark for 1.5 hours - not cool - depending on me and a small head lamp to search for possible dangers ahead. We made it out safe, and to Flaters 75th Anniversary party. Free booze and sloppy joes! Can't beat that!

Blue skies in the morning.
Fish Dank and his smallie.
Northern Pike and Fish Dank
One of many bald eagles we saw. Absolutely beautiful!
Fish Dank transformed into the Gordon's Fisherman
Watching the sun set on the Chippewa River.
Day 3 - Sunday 10/13/13
Short float on the Flambeau River. Fish Dank tossed a buzz bait and hooked up with a pike. He also, had a few blow ups from another pike and a smallie. After we checked out, we stopped by another dam and fished from the shore. Saw a guy in a boat in the middle of the river catch a fat 45" musky. 

...and that concludes my trip. I miss those rivers, already. I cannot wait to return to them next year. Hopefully, multiple times...with a spare fly rod! I have a custom 10 wt being built very soon.

Enjoy some other pictures.
Maybe Santa will bring me a better camera :)

Love the colors of fall in Wisconsin.
Friday's dinner - Lamb steaks and Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero IPA.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kayaking for Pike

Had a friend invite me out to float the DPR (Des Plaines River) for some northern pike action. I was excited! I usually fish from the banks of the river with my bait caster, because, wading is prohibited in Cook County, and it would be near impossible to cast a decent sized fly with it being so wooded.

Got my chance to fly fish the DPR! For the past few weeks I have been tying some big flies for musky. The night before my float I thought about the lures I fish with success on the DPR....a fire tiger Rapala husky jerk. So, naturally I had to tie something that resembled that color scheme and lure. Here's what I came up with. I only tied one, and that proved to be enough.

4/0 TMC 600S hook, buck tail, flash, flashabou, grizzly hackle, clear cure goo eyes, and head. Very proud of this one. Came out exactly how I pictured it in my head.

Long float story short. The pike loved the fly! The first one was a little hammer handle. It was just a little bit bigger than the fly, and I hooked up with it on an errant cast while I was untangling line from my rod. The second pike I caught was 24/25 inches, and healthy! Missed the fly 2 times, and hooked up with him on the 3rd. I was pumped! Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of that one, because, it flopped out of my grip and back into the water. Ended the day with 3 pike, sore knees, and back. lol I need my own kayak. One with some leg room!
I could get used to this....but with a much roomier 'yak.
FishDank and his brother in-law
The first pike.
The 3rd pike.

Hopefully, I'll be posting about a successful trip for musky next week!