Monday, April 18, 2016

Hardly, Strictly Musky

McMinnville, Tennessee Musky, I am coming for you, but totally not expecting to catch you or even see you.  I'll be attending the 2016 Southern Classic - Hardly, Strictly Musky hosted by Towee Boats.  The event runs May 12 though the 14th.  

The Team - Dave and Chris.

The Goal - Have Fun!

While I'm not too positive that I'm going to even see a musky, I do expect to have a great time spent drinking beer, and talking with other musky nuts.  There's actually going to be quite a few guys from Illinois making the trip down.  Few of them I haven't met, but I am looking forward to meeting.

There's still time to register if you're interested in the event.

 Tenetive schedule for this years event.

I should note, this event is fly fishing only.

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