Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cold Weather Outings

Went out for a quick wade this past Sunday on Poplar Creek. It was about 25 degrees, and there was ice forming in the slack water. 1 hour of wading, fishing, and getting rid of the ice build up on my guides produced a runny nose. I didn't mind that at all, because, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day, despite the cold. Then it was off to Cabela's for some more tying material. Ha!
My FSA custom 3 wt on ice.
Skunked Photography
Here are some more pictures from my last few outings.
Late October stocker rainbow trout taken on a royal wolf.

Late October DPR northern pike.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fly Fishing the Ozarks

Brian Wise of Fly Fishing the Ozarks

Dude has the most straight to the point fly tying videos on the web, and I'm addicted to them. If you're just starting out with fly tying, then these videos might not be for you, just yet. I love how that he shows the material package before he uses it. He also lists the materials in order of use in the video description, and not to mention the jammin music he soundtracks the video with. Keeps me entertained and interested.

I've got nothing against all of the other fly tying videos on the web, and I really appreciate those people taking the time to show off their patterns, but I'm not one to watch long drawn out videos. My attention will

Vise Season

With the cooler temps, and the sun going down at 6 PM. There is not much time for me to get out and fish during the week. This allows me to sit at my desk and tie an abundance of flies that will never get used. Haha. I also have a goal of using up most of the material that I already have, before I purchase some different material, so, I can tie up some new patterns. (Doubt that will happen. I've been itching to get to my local fly shop for some new material.)

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the flies that I have posted in this post or past posts, please feel free to contact me. =)

Size 2 - Rainbow Trout and Shad with CCG eyes and head.

Size 2 - Large Mouth Bass with CCG eyes and head.

Foam Slider for Pan fish. (Fly Fish Food pattern - Foam Dragon.)

Pink Eggs - Size 8

Learned this pattern at the 2013 Early Show. Unfortunately, I forgot the tiers name. I added heavier dumbbell eyes rather than the chain bead eyes. Swims with the hook point up. Wooley Bugger 2.0?

Gettin' weird! - I was really bored. Haha