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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Vedavoo Torchbearer Spotlight

Hello all of you beautiful people out there who still visit.  I am still alive, and I assure you that I have no intentions of ever throwing in the towel here.  Like Stella, I just need to get my groove back.  While I haven't been writing/sharing over here, I have been writing/sharing.  I had a short Q&A session with Matthew over at Vedavoo not long ago, and the interview has been posted.

Click on the link to be brought over to the Vedavoo Workshop Journal to read the interview.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


The snow and ice have melted, and I've awoken from a bit of blogging hibernation.  There is so much to catch up on around here, and especially out there with all of my fellow bloggers.  Yesterday (May 15th) during lunch I opted to not eat - what a lie! I never eat during my lunch time.  There's more important things to do with my time like fish, edit photos/video, or nap.  (I just eat while I'm working.  I mean who doesn't!?!)

So, during lunch yesterday, I stopped by a spot really close to work.  I didn't have any fly rods set up and I wanted to maximize my time fishing, so, I grabbed my casting rod and tossed a swim jig with a paddle tail trailer.  I was sure to have a steel leader on, because, I know there are gators present.

Stirred up quite a few of these during lunch, it must have been the new gator hat from 720 Fly.  I even managed to cast my rod and reel into the water!  Hilarious!  It wasn't hard to retrieve out of the water, so, that's a plus.  It is full of dirt and sand, so, I'll definitely have to clean it up.  I have it on video, so, be on the look out for that sometime in the very near future.

After work, I decided to head over to the same spot with my fly rod.  I hooked several trees and thought I was going to break my fly line each time I was trying to rip my fly line out of them.  I managed to hook up with one gator, and I'm pretty sure it was one I had hooked earlier with the swim jig.  It's great to be fishing in short sleeve again.  Shorts were needed.  It was too damn hot out for my jeans.

Hat - 720 Fly

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Looking for some new gear to use for the 2018 year.  Vedavoo is offering 20% off their products until April 17th.  That's a helluva deal for some high quality American made products.  While you're on their website filling up your shopping cart, don't forget to read up and donate to the Reel Service Project to donate to an extremely worthy cause...oh and your donation gets you a raffle ticket to win a one of a kind custom messenger bag.


Monday, February 12, 2018


The Vedavoo Reel Service Project IV has kicked off.  If you don't know about the Vedavoo Reel Service Project, then you should.  I've copied and pasted the verbiage from the Vedavoo website below.  Entering is free, and donations are welcomed and encouraged! 

Photo from the Vedavoo website.
Here's a blurb from the Vedavoo website.

Behind the creation of each of these beautiful and unique bags is a effort to get you to donate to Project Healing Waters.
In partnership with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. the REEL SERVICE PROJECT was initiated in 2013 to help raise funds for veteran-focused causes in the Fly Fishing community. That initial effort, which included a series of VEDAVOO packs made out of fabric provided by Patrick over at Recycled Waders featuring original artwork by Jeff Currier set the stage for events to follow.
Proceeds from Reel Service III were enough to pay for nearly 28 YEARS WORTH of FLY TYING COURSES AND MATERIALS for wounded veterans through the efficient use of funds by Project Healing Waters.
Having had the opportunity to receive each artist’s commitment – we are truly humbled and inspired by how quickly and passionately each has stepped up for the cause.  As before, VEDAVOO will lead the effort by providing the materials and labor to build the bags and each artist will provide their time and vision painting their signature aesthetic to each finished piece. This year’s event promises to be the best to date. Enter to win one of these very special bags. No Purchase Necessary.

Photo from the Vedavoo website
This years Artist lineup includes:

Jorge Martinez - Website - Instagram
Derek DeYoung - Website - Instagram
Josh Udesen - Website - Instagram
Andrea Larko - Website - Instagram
Ryan Keene - Website - Instagram
Matthew Stockton - Website - Instagram
Alex Poland - Website - Instagram
Jake Keeler - Website - Instagram
Paul Puckett - Website - Instagram
Borbay - Website - Instagram
Sarah Landstrom - Website - Instagram
Ty Hallock - Website - Instagram
Jeff Kennedy - Website - Instagram
Kendra Leeks - Website - Instagram

If you would like to donate to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing the Vedavoo: Reel Service Project IV click on the link below.



Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Found myself in Wisconsin with some time to spare, so, I did the logical thing....I went trout fishing.  I was out and about enjoying the weather and hiking around Willow River State Park, and afterwards, I decided to head on down the road to the Kinnickinnic River.  I grabbed my FSA custom 3 wt, Vedavoo hip pack, and Tacky fly box, tied on a top water bug I've been working on, and walked on down to a new spot I scoped out back in June.

The no name fly I've been working on was the ticket and my fly box was not needed.  I found some rising trout on the tail end of some small riffles, and they were picking off anything that was drifting through.  

Vedavoo hip pack.
Wet waded up the river just a little bit in to some skinny water, and found some a few more fish drifting that same fly.  I don't know if it was the fly or the amount of fish caught, but the fly was starting to come undone.  Need to do some tweaking...I kind of want to think that the trout were just beating it up throughout the short outing, which is very possible.

Brook trout like to party.
Came across a floating fish, and upon further investigation - I determined it was the biggest trout that I have ever seen with my own eyes in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, and that it was a brook trout.  Didn't have a wallet on it, so, I wasn't able to determine it's age or where it came from.

What a shame.

All in all it was a solid 1.5 spent fishing on a beautiful day, and a reminder to me and to all of you that live here in the Midwest to get out there and enjoy the outdoors and the kick ass weather while we have it....Winter is coming.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Driftless Winter 2016: Part Two

Day Two

When I walked out of the hotel to my car, I noticed that we got some rain overnight.  One of the streams we were planning on fishing is known to get cloudy fast after some rain.  Throw all of the melting snow and ice in the mix, and our plans changed.

We decided to hit a stream that I have only spot fished in one of the few times I had been up here.  In the summer this stream is extremely difficult to fish, because, of all of the overgrowth.  Lucky for us, it was Winter, and the banks were somewhat open.

With this being much smaller water, I opted for my FSA custom 3 wt.  The weather throughout the day was great.  The temperature dipped a few times, but nothing outrageous.  It definitely did not feel like January.

Adam continued to work a hopper dropper, and I casted small streamers and occassionally drifted some nymphs. Adam was the first to garner the attention of a few brook trout, but none were fully committed to showing face.

One of the small streamers I was tossing was a tiny woolly bugger...I forget the size, because, I didn't tie it, but my guess was a size 8.  Well, I casted at the front of a nice pool I was approaching, and a trout came completely out of the water to hit it, but wiffed, and never came back. 

The after a few more drifts a trout came out from right in front of me and hit the bugger, I lifted the rod, felt the weight, and then it went slack.  After some silent F bombs, I made a few more casts, and then checked my fly, and to my surprise, the hook had broken off.  I could not believe it!  Has this ever happened to anyone??

What really sucked was it was my last small black streamer.  I scarified a few to the shrub gods.  I'd also, like to give a little shout out to, Brad of Tippets and Tales, for giving me the tip on small black leech type patterns, and Tim Lobello, for his report on the area the day before we went up.  Much appreciated Gents!

Tossed pretty much everything.  Don't mind my sinking leaders.  The stuff I was using was stashed behind them.  Ha

On the walk back, we decided to take the road.  We looked down on the stream in the parts we had waded and fished and we could see schools of trout shooting around and stopping at this one pool.  Outrageous.  We drifted some flies towards them, but no dice.  They were really not having what we were selling.

Skunked, but we didn't care.  It was a great weekend to get out and explore some of the endless amount of water that flows through some beautiful country.

The Driftless.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Muddy Explorations

The Chicago Bears weren't looking pretty, and it was seemingly nice outside, so, I took the dogs for a walk, and then venture over to the area of Poplar Creek that I had never fished before. Click here for the previous post - Local Exploring.

Armed with my 3 wt, a sweater, and the bare necessities packed in my Vedavoo Utility Belt, and Hip Pack, I set out with zero expectations.

Gray skies, bare trees, and muddy banks.

It sure was nice to get out and wet a line in some unfamiliar water.  Although, I was not able to entice anything.  Looking forward to fishing this stretch in the summer months.  I have a feeling it's a happening place for fun sized smallies and panfish.

Minimum Cowbell.
A bass pattern I've been tying that's inspired by Nick Granato's pattern Maximum Cowbell.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Santa Better Win The Lottery

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I would share some items that I added on my wish list letter to Santa.  I have some expensive tastes....

These are in no particular order BTW
(Click on the name to be linked to the websites for these companies.)

Jackson Kayak Big Rig - I'm a big guy, and this is named the "Big Rig"...I think it's a match made in heaven.  I have heard nothing but great things about this kayak.  All of the negative things I have heard, I have zero issues with such as, weight, tracking, and speed.  I'm strong like a bull, so, I just see car topping this kayak as an extra work out, and I welcome that.  I'm not looking to win any races, so, speed doesn't matter to me.  Stability and the ability to stand are what I'm looking for.  Being a bigger guy, it's hard to find a kayak that I would be able to stand up in, but have talked to a number of bigger guys who own a Big Rig and they love it.

"Struck Gold" by Dead Weight Fly - It's an 18x24 print, and I just love it! The colors and uniqueness of this piece really scream out to me.  This would look great at work, and give my boring cube some flare.

Vedavoo Drifter Boat & Messenger Bag - I really love the work that Vedavoo does.  The craftsman ship and thought that goes into each of their packs is unmatched.  This pack would be great to help keep my flies and accessories organized in my car and on my kayak.  I'm also torn between the orange, and woodland camo.

Vedavoo TL Beast Sling Pack - What's not to love about this pack, it's Vedavoo!  I've been eyeballing this pack for quite some time, and loving to carry big boxes for my bass, musky, and pike flies, this looks to have all the space I need.

Regal Travel Vise - I love my Peak vise, but sometimes it is a bit of a hassle to carry around or travel with, even if it's 30 minutes away.  With that in mind, I've been looking at some travel vises.

Other items that are on the list.

  • DLSR Camera.  I still need to do my research.
  • Duckett Micro Magic 6'9" Medium Heavy Casting Rod
  • Shimano Chronarch CH200E7 Baitcaster (They have since updated the design, but I like the older ones.)
  • Drone - I can only imagine the fun I would have with one of these and my GoPro camera.
  • World Peace
  • Pastrami Sandwich for +Howard Levett 
What's on your Christmas list????

Friday, November 20, 2015

Peak Vise Upgrades

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wasn't a fan of exclusively using the C clamp for my Peak vise.  I then ordered the pedestal base.  When it arrived, I was extremely surprised at how much it weight.  This was a quality base, and once I put my vice on it, I tried my best to see how unstable it could be, and it passed every test with fly tying colors.  Now I don't have to worry if my C clamp will fit on certain surfaces, or if I will need some folded up cardboard to fill in the gaps. Needless to say, I was very happy with my purchase.

Soon after I purchased the pedestal base.  I ordered the riser, as you see pictured above.  It's the copper/gold colored piece on the base. 

The extra height that the rise gave my vise was a game changer!  When I sit at my desk or anywhere, I like to be high up, and the riser allows my vise to be right where I want it to be...up high!

My Peak vise was the first vise that I have purchased a few years ago, and I have been extremely happy with it.  It's construction is solid, and you can really feel the quality when using it.  It's held every hook that I've put in it's jaws from size 8/0 musky hooks to size 22 midge hooks.  Now with the upgrades that I have made this year, it feels like I have a brand new vise.

What vise do all of you use and do any of you out there have multiple?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Northwoods Exploring: Part 2

Forever exploring the North.

2 lane roads, tall trees, endless amount of rivers and lakes, and no ambient light to hide the stars at night.  These are just a few of my favorite things.

There's just something special about finding beautiful places like this at random.

Smallmouth, musky, pike, trout, New Glarus beer, and cheese curds.  A few more of my favorite things.

I fished a few places along this river with some great success.  I was able to entice some fish at 3/4 spots.  The next time I head up, I'm going to spend some more time at these areas with my kayak and waders.

Here's a small pike that came out to play.  I asked where Mom and Dad were, but his lips were sealed.

Another spot warrented some hefty bronze smalljaws.  Oh how I love these river brutes, and the fight they put up.

This one had some real battle wounds.  Hawk?  Eagle?  Snapping turtle?  Musky?  Pike?  Whatever it was, the wound was fresh.

Cannot wait to get back up there.  I know my Subaru Outback enjoys the dirt gravel logging roads. 

Until next time.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Popping For Backyard Bass

Went out with my FSA Custom Rods built 3 wt, and tossed a Boogle Bug with hopes of finding top water bass.  Needless to say, I found them.

Check out the video!!!!

Hopefully, the next one will have a better camera angle, and some better video quality.  Working out some kinks on my PC and iPad.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


So, I went camping at Jellystone.

There was a big group of us. My GF's 2 brothers and their families, and her cousin and his family.  We played basketball, spent some money at the arcade, met Yogi Bear, and Boo Boo, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  A good time was had by all.

My favorite part about camping is in the evening and night.  There's just something about a nice cold beer and a campfire that really relaxes me.
Beer and campfires go together like peanut butter and jelly.
There is a downfall to campfires and kids, for me anyway....and that is marshmallows.  I hate marshmallows! Gross!!  I do love the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, and would totally befriend him, but I just cannot stand marshmallows.

Let's just be friends.
There were 2 lakes on the campground, but due to an influx in rain during the week, they were both blown out and overflowing.  Now that I think about it, a few day prior to our arrival, a tornado touched down not far away from the campground, and my GF's brothers were worried that they were going to be closed.  I was able to take my GF's brothers fiance's boys fishing, and they even caught the same damn time!!!!  How awesome of a guide am I, that the boys doubled up on some warmouths.  I was proud.

My lovely GF cooking up some bacon. Can't have enough of that stuff.
Before we left for the trip, I started to put my extensive collection of decals and stickers to use by decorating my Nautilus Reels Yeti Cooler.  I spent more time on this than I probably should have.  There are a few spots open, but they're already reserved. Actually, I have already filled them in, and just haven't updated the photo.

Deeking out the Nautilus Reels Yeti Cooler.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Solo Musky Mission

Friday, June 5th.

With my gear loaded in my car the night before, as soon as I was out of work, I headed North. No one else could go, but I didn't let that stop me. I was on a mission, a musky mission. Ever since I caught my first one last year, I just can't seem to get that fish off of my my best friend, The Fat Gordo, would say, "I'm Musky Minded."

I arrived to my destination with 1.5 hours left of day light. I did not waste any time.

Bugs love the Subie.
Fly Rod.
Extra Fly in my hat.
Go Fish!

40 minutes into my short wade, I hook into something big.

Strip set.

Oh. Wow. It's big! 
(I know, I know...That's what she said.)

After the initial hook up, I could tell what it is by it's ever distinctive fighting style. It kept digging, and digging.
...It's a tank smallie!

Saturday, June 6th.

It was in the mid 70's when went to sleep, but I woke up at 5 am to my car telling me it was 38 degree's outside. Awesome. It eventually warmed up to the mid 70's again.

Clear blue skies. Not the most idea musky conditions, and that theory proved true for the day. I did have 2 follows, but they were definitely only following, and not partaking in any extra curricular activities that day. The only fish that came out to play was this small jaw, I spotted tailing in a shallow pool between some rocks. It was the end of the day, Saturday skunk, no more.

CARF approves of this.
Upon arriving back to my car, I noticed something on my car door handle. To my surprise, it was a tube, that was already rigged. I laughed, because, I immediately knew who left it. He's sort of a tube fanatic. Hahaha It's always good to know you've got friends out there in another state, in the middle of the woods checking on your car. Haha!

Forever thankful for the person who left this tube, for pointing The Fat Gordo and I in the right direction!
After some dinner, and a few New Glarus Moon Men. Exhausted as I was from a very long wade, and casting my 10 weight all day, I mustered up enough to hit a spot of the river from shore. Hooked up with 2 nice sized smallies. 1 on a spinnerbait, and another on a jig 'n Stankx Bait Company sultress trailer. Then back to camp for another sandwich, and the rest of my beer.

Hands down IMO thee hardest fighting fish.
I was rained out on Sunday. Woke up to a huge storm rolling through, and after checking the future forecast, I decided it was best I just start heading home.

The fishing was tough, but that's musky fishing, right?

Until next time.....