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Friday, November 28, 2014

Stankx Bait Company

Here are the baits I used from Stankx Bait Company this year.

These tubes were irresistible to the smallies in the rivers up in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Hands down the best tubes you can get. Not one of the tubes in the package had an uncut skirt. Kudos for that! I will definitely be ordering more of these bad boys!

The "Mud Bugz" - I to use this as a trailer on my skirted jigs. I caught some tank largemouth bass utilizing this trailer. The color pattern is one of their custom colors - Gobi Wan. Being a star wars fan, I just had to go with it. (Sad to not see product not on their website anymore.)

The NXT LVL Swimz - these were new to me this year, and they were a fish favorite. I would rig these up with either a weightless offset hook, or a weighted one to get deeper and farther. This became one of my go to search baits when I was out with my traditional gear. The bass loved these! I even caught a few pike on them, as well. The colors on these really pop, and grab your attention.

.40 Caliber Stix in Aurora
I didn't get to use these, because, of all of the success I had with all of the other baits, and my fly gear. However, I did give a few to my friends, and they were thoroughly impressed with how slow this bait fell when rigged wacky. I'm looking forward to giving these a shot next year. I was never really good with the wacky rig technique, but that's one of my goals next summer.

All in all, I must say, that Stankx Bait Company creates some high quality plastics. There is a definitive difference, and once you get your hands on one of their products, you will immediately feel it. While I do favor and prefer fishing with my fly rod, I do still use my baitcaster and spinning rod from time to time, but I don't have as much tackle as I used to 7 or 8 years ago. I gave all of my other plastics and some lures away, because, I didn't need them, and they were just taking up space. Once I run out of my current supply of plastics, I'll definitely be ordering from Stankx Bait Company.

**Note - I have no ties or have received anything free for writing this review. I am just simply letting you know my opinion. I'm all for supporting the smaller companies who make a high quality product.

***All photos were taken from the Stankx Bait Company website.***

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vedavoo Torchbearer Elites

I'm a huge fan of Vedavoo products and what they stand for! I probably wear a Vedavoo t-shirt 5 out of 7 days a week. I have quite a few Vedavoo products that I have yet to write a review for, but look for those in the coming weeks. (Hip pack, Leader Wallet, Bench Basin, and a recycled wallet.)

Recently, they came out with an online magazine, and I think you should definitely check it out - Vedavoo Torch. There's some pretty cool stuff in there. You will also, find my picture on page 25 under the Vedavoo Torchbearer Elites. Pretty awesome to have been recognized as an Elite. I'll try not to let it get to my head. =)

Monday, November 17, 2014


Recently, I took part in one of those "Follow - Like - Comment - Share" contests on Instagram. The contest was put up by Nautilus Reels. I don't always enter these contests, but something told me that I should participate in this one. Luckily I did, because, I WON!! HA!

I now own an awesome Yeti Coolers Tundra 35 with Nautilus Reels and their awesome logo/slogan on it - "Tested on Animals" HA! I love it!! Not only did I win the cooler, I received a t-shirt, hat, hoo rag/buff, and a ton of decals and stickers. 

Looking forward to fill it up with food and beer and take on one of my trips. I'm really interested to see how well this cooler keeps ice. I can already tell that it lives up to "wildly strong" claim. This thing is solid!

A huge "THANK YOU!!!" goes out to Nautilus Reels and their generosity for having such a contest.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Musky Lures

Found some big 'ole lures!

This first one I will never use, but it it definitely cool. It's a hand made, hand painted, and designed musky lure from the Lake St. Clair Muskie Guides. An ex-girlfriend of mine bought it for me, as a gift. While I will never use this lure, it's still pretty cool, and I am sort of a tackle junkie. 

This top water lure on the hand, I want to use. I bought this at a local Musky Show last year. The only problem I currently have with this lure is, I don't have a rod & reel set up to handle the size. Maybe next year...or maybe it'll just stay a decorative piece.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Abel Nippers

$50 for a pair of nippers…. You must be out of your damn mind!

That was my initial reaction when I saw the price tag on the Abel nippers. In fact that is still my reaction to the price tag on the nippers. One day I was just browsing around and found the nippers for $25. That still seemed overpriced to me for something that is just going to cut line, but I caved and bought them for the discounted price to find out what all of the hype was about.

I have been using them for 11 months now, and I must say…I absolutely love them! I like to think of them as the Lamborgini/Ferarri of the nipper world, because, of their performance. They cut line of any test with ease. It’s like you’re cutting line with a mini light saber. The teeth/blades on the nippers are replaceable, so, if they ever do get dull, you can try to sharpen them yourself or order a replacement set from Abel (Cost unknown to me).

Another great use for the nippers is cleaning the eyes of hook or small jigs. There is a place on the nippers that was made for this. Come in handy when you forgot to clean the eyehole of a fly you just tied, and got a little carried away with the head cement or Clear Cure Goo.

There have been a few days where I have forgotten them in my truck on an outing, and I needed to use my spare $5 Orvis clippers…let’s just say I was not a happy camper. Not that it would ruin, rather one of those thoughts in your head that you just can’t let go of – “Damn it, I forgot my clippers.”

Sounds absurd, right? Well it is…. They’re clippers for crying out loud!! What the hell is wrong with me? Haha

If you’re ever presented the chance to purchase them for $25, I’d say do it. I guarantee that you will enjoy them. Hell - if you don’t care about money, do it, and buy me an extra pair while you’re at it! :)

I don't even want to get in to how much the custom painted ones. Sheesh! They sure do look pretty though.