Friday, April 10, 2015

Recent Orders

I've been keeping busy at the vise the past few weeks. With the weather warming up some of my friends are getting those fishy feelings, and realizing they need to restock their boxes.

I've been keeping busy tying up marabou and bucktail jigs. All different sizes. These are great on any body of water with a spinning rod. Here are some white ones that are sure to fool some river smallies, and possibly some Lake Michigan coho, and perch.

...and per usual. I've been tying up what I think I do best. My big bass, pike, and musky flies. As the temperature warms up, I've got a few friends that are gearing up to fish the DPR for pike once they're done with the spawn. These are proven patterns and colors that work. The one below is a favorite of mine. It's prodominantly white with a slight layer of pink underneath. Looks great in the water. Also pictured with the fly is a sticker from a local bass fishing crew in Chicago - Cast Crew - They're a real cool bunch of dude that have some really great appearal ideas. 

Check 'em out at 

Got them big bass in my sights.

I hope everyone has nice weather to get outside in this weekend!