Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lake X

I met up my buddy FishDank at 9 am this past Sunday. It was cloudy, windy, warm out (to me anyway), and so damn windy. Did I mention that it was windy? Good thing I had an anchor. It's not a very good anchor, but it does the job, sort of.

I brought out 3 rods. My 10 wt fly rod (I haven't sent in my 9 wt to get fixed, yet.), my baitcaster, and my spinning rod. Eventually, I just gave up on my fly rod, because, it was just too damn windy.

My buddy FishDanK was the first to hook up, on a jig and craw trailer...and what he hooked up with was a freakin' Sherman tank! HOLY SMOKES!!!!

He caught 2 more later in the day. Around 11 am a few more guys from the fishing forum that we post on showed up. DanK knew them from some of the tournaments he's fished, but it was my first time meeting them, and they're a bunch of cool dudes. Always nice putting a face to the screen name. One of the guys Kevin was nice enough to bring a grill and some sausage and hot dogs for a quick shore lunch. How awesome is that!!! Thanks, again, if you read this!!!

I caught 2 bass on the day. Both of them came on a KVD rattle trap. The lake was about 6-8 feet deep with some nice weed beds that I ran the lure right over the top of. The 2nd bass I caught was a nice healthy one, and put my landing skills to the test. I really thought I was going to lose it boat side.

Action Shot!!

Hello and Goodbye.
The fishing is starting to heat up, and I'm getting excited!!!!