Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lunch Time Bass

With the new job, I am able to step away from the office and down the street to a local forest preserve lake, Busse Woods. I kayak and fish this lake often. Tons of people come here to fish, kayak, jog, and bike.

Once I get there on my lunch break, what do you think I do?
A. Kayak
B. Fish
C. Jog
D. Nap
E. Skateboard

If you guessed "B" you answered correctly. If I were to nap in my car, I'd just stay in the parking lot at work and maximize my napping time. All of the other things I listed, I just don't have time for on my lunch, but you can bet I'll be doing one of those on the weekends.

Not a bad way to end the work week. Friday lunch time bass!
Caught this little guy on a KVD rattle trap. I really need to start leaving my fly rods set up, lined, and ready to go in my car.