Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Streamside Furled leader

Right before winter last year, I purchased a furled leader from Streamside Furled Leaders at the Early Show hosted by the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance.

Having never heard of furled leaders I was intrigued by this. I purchased one for my 3 wt rod, for when I'm fishing for bluegills.

What a great product! I don't really worry about my leader when I'm fishing for panfish or bass, so, this product was perfect.

The leader attaches with the loop to loop connection, then just tie on a 3 foot (or whatever you like) piece of tippet to the small ring at the end, and you're in business.

I haven't taken it off my 3 wt at all this season, and I'm pretty sure I will leave it on until I'll need a replacement.