Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's a Midwest thing

Reasons why I have never gone ice fishing in the past:
1. I don't see the enjoyment of fishing from a hole in the ice.
2. If there's ice, that usually means it cold....not a big fan.
3. Being a bigger guy, I have a fear of stepping on the ice, breaking it, and falling through.
4. I like to move around when I fish, not sit in one spot.
5. Did I mention that it's usually cold out?
I knew not to expect this...but there nothing wrong with wishful thinking, right!
So, I went ice fishing for the first time with a friend who had invited me out. He had an extra ice fishing rod, and I needed a fishy fix.

The outing was short, different, and exhausting. The ice was 16 inches thick, and a pain in the ass to auger for a first timer. After drilling my first hole through the ice and dropping a line, the action was immediate. I hooked up with 3 bluegill, one after another. FUN! Then the bite died. My buddy finished the short outing with 6 bluegill and 1 crappie.

Did this change my mind about ice fishin...No.

Will I go ice fishing again...Yes, but I'm not spending a dime on ice fishing gear!


***(For some reason this post went back to draft, and took changed on me.....WTF Google!)***