Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stocker Trout

I've been fairly busy these days. This past Saturday was the Fall trout opener here in Illinois. They stocked the lake down the street from me after they stocked it with a bunch of rainbow trout. The lakes been closed for 2 weeks, and now it's finally open. With the sun going down around 6:30 PM, it's only logical to fish this lake after work during the week, and now that it's stocked with trout, for as long as they last....Bonus!

That bucket has only seen a handful of fish in it's life.
Made it out on a dreary Monday evening just as the sun was starting to set. There were a ton of guys, but I was lucky and was able to get my favorite spot on the lake. I am usually 95% catch and release, but I paid for the inland trout stamp this year, because, I wanted to give these stockers a go in the kitchen. I didn't feel all too bad about it, because, it was either me or someone else taking these trout home. So, why the heck not, right!

Next stop for this rainbow...my dinner plate.