Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes

I've been following Goat Head Gear on Instagram for a long while now, and their product seems to have a solid following, and I really enjoy the stuff that they post.

I purchased the combo pack that included the sole spikes, and sole spikes driver. On a recent trip to Wisconsin's Northwoods I was out fishing on a river, and had a few close calls. I completely forgot that I never replaced the original studs that were missing from my wading boots. Luckily, I remembered that I tossed the sole spikes in my backpack when they arrived in the mail a few months before.

Not only did I replace the missing studs, I added a few extra in places that I knew traction was needed.

The next day I waded and fished for 7 hours without incident while wading across gravel, climbing boulders and trees. The sole spikes provided exactly what I needed out there on the water...TRACTION.

I will definitely be keeping these stowed away in my car just in case. I might even add some to my hiking shoes after it rains, to keep a solid grip on any of the trails/rock I hike on, and just remove them when I'm done. 

If your boots are in need of some replacement studs, I say you check out these Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes.