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Friday, July 27, 2018


Back in June I came across some free time, and decided to get out in the raft for a Twin Cities Metro musky hunt.  The homie Travis met me at the boat launch and right when we were about to launch another small water craft pulled up and it was my other homie Lucas.  He was about to call it a day, but decided to stay out on the water and float around with us and fish.

It was a good day on the water, because, Lucas and I raced our watercraft against one another...and I won.  Lucas does have plans to add flames to his watercraft, which in theory give him a few extra ponies, but I still think I'll be able to take him.  We shall see.  Oh, and Travis caught his personal best northern pike on the fly!!  Well, at the time it was his personal best.  He has since caught bigger, and he's totally getting addicted to the warm water game.

Here's a short video from the day.

Travis Instagram - @The_Ravvit
Lucas Instagram - @Strangeflies
Lucas also does art and here's the link to his website -> CLICK HERE

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eastern Tiger Salamander


I was recently informed that this was not the species of salamander I thought. I was told that this is an Eastern Tiger Salamander. 

Found this little guy wandering around one of my buildings at work without a security pass. At first I thought it was just a little pile of dust. When I crouched down by it, to my surprise, it started to move. A salamander-HA! I scooped him up in a container that I got from the cafeteria, and he became my office pet for part of the day.

I scooped him up in a container I got from the cafeteria, and it became my office pet for the day. I put a small amount of water with him inside of the container, and poked a bunch of holes in the top for air. I was also able to get all of the dust, and lint that it collected off.

Google helped me ID the type of salamander this little guy was - a Slimy Salamander. Apparently, they are very common, and a few of my coworkers were all telling me stories of how they all used to find them, and now their kids find them. This was a first for me.

After some research on the habitat, I released the little guy back outside of the door where I think he snuck in from. Hopefully, he was able to find his way back to Momma or where ever it lives.

Saw a Cardinal right after I released the salamander.