Saturday, October 24, 2015


My Bass Pro Shop White River waders I've had for the past 3/4 years have begun to fall apart this summer.  Last year a small leak started in the neoprene boot on my right foot.  I know there was no fixing that, and it really didn't bother me much.

Well, this summer the leak became worse, and then another leak started somewhere on my right leg started....and before I can find and fix that one I stared leaking in the left leg, and above my wading belt near my pockets.

For the past 2.5 months I've still been using them, but at the end of the day, I'm pretty much wet from the belly down.  I wasn't soaked, and it doesn't get that way immediately, so, it was still tolerable.

With winter looming, and some plans (hopes) to get out there and do some cold water/weather fishing, I think it might be time to retire those leaky waders.  That leaves me with the dilemma of choosing a new pair.  There are so many out there with different prices, construction, and negatives.  I just don't know which way to go.  I've done a ton of reading and research on review, and even picked a few of my friends brains about the ones they own.

Here is what it's been narrowed down to....

I'm leaning toward the Orvis Encounter waders, because, there are 2 Orvis stores in my area, and in the event that I don't like them I won't have to go far, but one of the bad things I have found about them is they have poor boot construction on their seams.

What waders are you all using?  (Maybe there's a pair I failed to look at or consider.)

Pros - Cons of those waders?

Does anyone have any experience dealing with Orvis Customer Service for their waders??

In advance - Thank you, to all who provide me with their insight!

****Note - I have tried LL BEAN waders in the past, and they just don't fit me right, and I am well aware of their no questions asked return policy.