Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Found some models

I still have my friends camera, and I thought I would continue to utilize it while I can. So, I found myself some models.


These are my and my girlfriends dogs. Daisy (pitbull), and Bo (shit-poo). I hired them for cheap. A few pieces of chicken was all that was needed, and pretty much all I had to offer. I don't believe the above models would have accepted chicken as payment, but I'll never know, because, I never asked.

Frick and Frack
Bo knows serious.
Bo knows clowning for chicken.
Daisy looking like a lioness waiting for chicken.
Daisy showcasing her talents...for chicken.
Possible hat for next years Kentucky Derby.
I am going to try to get Daisy use to water, so, maybe someday she can accompany me on an outing. She goes fishing with me now, and I just tie her leash to my pants/belt, but it would be cool if she could just follow me around, but I know that takes a lot of training.