Friday, January 17, 2014

Just the beginning...

Over the Summer, I learned that one of the guys at my place of employment just started fly fishing. So, whenever we see each other in the halls (Which is like 2 times a day) we talk about fly fishing...well I talk, and he listens and asks questions.

Well, my enthusiasm and love for the sport of fly fishing and fly tying has rubbed off on him, and over Christmas he purchased his first vise. Got himself a Peak Rotary vise, same as me. I recommend some YouTube videos and even showed him a few things one day.

Just last week he returned a small LL Bean box that I had given him filled with a few flies that I tied. My eyes popped when I opened the box. He had tied some beautiful damsels, and mating damsels (Referred to some as "The Double D"). I was thorouly impressed and told him, but he played it off like it was a simple tie. Sure there are simple ties, but you still have to make them look good, and these looked outstanding!

Share your passions!

I will be sharing all feedback/compliments about his flies with him.
It's safe to say - this is only the beginning of his fly fishing addiction.