Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Musky on the mind

I haven't been fishing at all lately. Don't you just hate that! I know I do.

Although, I haven't been fishing. I have been able to get some vise time in at night. I'll be making a trip to the Flambeau and Chippewa Rivers in Wisconsin (North of Eu Clair) the second week in October with 2 of my friends in search of musky. So, I've been tying up some big musky flies. I forgot how much fun it is to tie such big flies, and how much easier it me anyways. Here are a few of my finished products. Any advice on these flies or materials that you would recommend or suggest would be greatly appreciated!
First of the big flies. 2/0 hook in the front, articulated shank in the middle, and a 1/0 hook in the back. Buck tail, Grizzly Hackle, CCG eyes, black EP fibers (tail section) with some flash.
What material is good to use for the tail section/body behind the bucktail? I used EP fibers, because, that's all I had. Do you think it would flow well with this fly? - I haven't fished it, yet.

Articulated shank, followed by a 2/0 hook. Buck tail, Grizzly Hackle, and then green and black EP fibers with some flash.

Brad Bohen Hangtime on a 2/0 hook. Black Green and Pink buck tail, pink grizzly hackle, purple flashabou, and some crystal flash in there.

Another shot of the Hangtime fly.

Constructive criticism, and any tips/tricks you're willing to offer are much appreciated!