Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Driftless...I'll be back!

Took a day trip to the Blue River in Wisconsin's Driftless Area.

The Plan 
Arrive at 5 AM and fish the morning. Mid day find a lake or hit the Wisconsin River for bass. Then return to the Blue River in the evening to finish out the day.

What Happened
I hit the snooze button, and woke up later than planned. I ended up stepping foot in the water at 7 AM, and I immediatly lost my first trout. After that I missed a few more, and caught 4 creek chubs. 5 hours later I was sitting on a rock in the middle of the small river. I tied on a new fly and let the current take it while I ate a quick snack. Right after the first bite of my cliff bar, my rod bends and I have a fish on, and I saw the flash of a trout. I just broke out in laughter. It was quite a moment, and I thought it was hilarious that my first trout of the day came from me taking a break. 

On the wade back I managed 1 more brown. I also managed to step in a deep hole, and didn't realize that the water made it's way into one of my pockets....that my phone was in. So, I was in for a disappointing surprise at the car when I discovered that my phone was dripping water. Drove to the nearest town for a bag of rice, and just hoped for the best.

I decided to just end my trip and head on home soon after that.

...Hoping to return before the end of the season, and toss some hoppers.

The hoppers were starting to come out, but I saw zero surface activity. Soon.....