Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So, as I plan and prepare what I will be bringing with me on my trip to the Current River in Southern Missouri. I cannot help but laugh at myself for the bone head mistake I made 2 years ago....I forgot my reel. Yep, I had every but my reel. Fly rod, flies, tools, camping gear, food, etc...all packed. We had just gotten dropped off by our canoe outfitter and started loading the canoe. I was putting my rod together when all I needed was the last peice...I couldn't believe I made such a mistake.

This is how I felt, except, I didn't say "D'oh!"

The trip was great, but my fishing was less than spectacular. I ended up tying on a long piece of tippet to the tip top and fishing tenkara style (Way before I even knew that was an actual way of fishing.)

Don't make the same mistake I made. Create a checklist or double check your gear before you leave.

Do you have any similar stories?