Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Chum an area of a lake with corn, put a few kernels on a hook,  and wait. Growing up, that's how I was taught to catch these lake behemoths. It's probably been a good 20 years since I've actually targeted a carp, until now.

One of my goals this upcoming fishing season here in the Chicagoland area is to hook up with some carp on the fly. I have read, and talked with people about how much fun it is. Fly fishing has rejoiced my childhood love of catching bluegill, and I can only imagine what hooking into a 10+ pound carp will do.

Stumbled upon this online magazine today, and it has only fueled my fire to catch a carp on the fly. Unfortunately, that fire I am experiencing does not melt away the snow and/or ice that we have here. So, I will just have to wait....

Please feel free to share any tips you might have!

One thing that I do know is, that I will be tying and trying out this pattern I heard about from a blog you should check out. BrookfieldAngler - The Backstabber

Here is the digital magazine - CarpPro